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Who We Are

The teams working at Cástulo today are comprised of archaeologists, conservators, students, and volunteers from Spain, the United States, and other countries around the world. We work to uncover information for daily life in the ancient city, to disseminate those results, and to engage the public with the remarkable heritage preserved at Cástulo. Our core values include

  • openness & communication
  • a commitment to the local community, including the care and presentation of structures on-site and of finds in the Linares museum, and education initiatives for the public
  • a desire to develop appropriate and effective low-cost technological solutions for the recording and reporting of archaeological information
  • respect for all members of the group

The academic and cultural institutions supporting our work include the Archaeological Ensemble of Cástulo, the University of Jaén and Chapman University. We are comprised of two collaborating groups: Cástulo in the 21st Century and Chapman Excavations at Cástulo. You can find more information about the groups’ leadership here. These groups share resources, including tools, staff, and a data-recording system. We also have a team of conservators working in the lab of the Cástulo museum in Linares.

Our Leaders

Chapman Excavations at Cástulo

Chapman Excavations at Cástulo (CEC) is led by Dr. Justin Walsh, associate professor of art history and archaeology in the Department of Art, Chapman University. He received his Ph.D. in the history of art, with a concentration in classical art and archaeology, from the University of Virginia in 2006. He has worked on excavations in the United States, Jordan, and Italy, especially the site of Morgantina in Sicily.

He is the author of Consumerism in the Ancient World: Imports and Identity Construction (Routledge 2014).

Siglo XXI en Cástulo

Siglo XXI en Cástulo (Cástulo in the 21st Century) is led by Dr. Marcelo Castro López, director of the Archaeological Ensemble of Cástulo. Dr. Castro López earned his Ph.D. in archaeology at the University of Jaén in 1998. Prior to his current role, he taught at the University of Jaén (1999-2011) and worked for the Department for the Protection of Historic Patrimony, Culture Ministry of the provincial government of Jaén.

Dr. Justin Walsh
Dr. Marcelo Castro López


2015 Season Volunteers

Chapman student volunteers:

Kelsey Anderson, Kira Elliott, Clarissa Hampton, Dani Planto, Ellen Webre

Spanish student volunteers:

Aurora Barbés Miranda, Carlos Cid Gaitán, José Carlos Coria Noguera, Sandra Gallego Prieto, Alejandra Macián Fuster, Adrián Suárez Bedmar, Paloma Zarazuela Gutiérrez

Local volunteers:

Javier Sánchez Campos


Manuel Jesús Jiménez Peragon

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Siglo XXI en Cástulo

Chapman Excavations


María Paz López

María Paz López

Director of Conservation

María Paz López

María Paz López

Director of Conservation

María Paz López

María Paz López

Director of Conservation

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