The current project at Cástulo began in 2011 under the leadership of Dr. Marcelo Castro López, director of the Cástulo Archaeological Ensemble. The initial name of the project was Forvm MMX, indicating one of its chief goals: to identify and excavate Cástulo’s civic center from the Roman period, the forum. Other goals for the project, now called Cástulo in the 21st Century, include investigating Cástulo’s port, water system, its fortifications, and its system of urbanization, especially in the Iberian period.

Major collaborators with Cástulo in the 21st Century are the American group Chapman Excavations at Cástulo (do not translate) (CEC), led by Prof. Justin Walsh.  CEC is focused on excavating Iberian houses near the north gate, with the goal of understanding the relationship between imported and locally-produced domestic equipment (and comparing those finds with contemporary tombs previously excavated by the Complutense team).