The Site

The Dig

The archaeological area of Cástulo consists of a 34-hectare zone within the ancient city walls (labeled “ciudad amurallada” in the image at right), and another 3200 hectares of surrounding territory (in the larger, darkened area surrounded by a red boundary). This zone, which falls within the boundaries of the modern communities of Linares, Torreblascopedro, and Lupión, received its designation in an official decree of the Andalusian regional government on 26 July 2011. Of this, an area of almost 70 hectares is public property, managed by the Archaeological Ensemble of Cástulo, part of the Andalusian region’s Ministry of Culture, Education, and Sport.

In archaeological terms, the site consists of the plateau surrounded by the ancient city walls; the promontory extending to the south of the plateau, including the medieval castle of Santa Eufemia; the cemeteries surrounding the site on all sides, including on hillsides divided from the plateau by arroyos and below the plateau near the river; and the city’s port area, also below the plateau along the banks of the river. The current project has divided the site into various areas designated by numbers:

  • Area 1 (the eastern part of the civic center)
  • Area 2 (the western part of the civic center, including the mosaic building and the baptistery)
  • Area 3 (the North Gate and Iberian residential zone)
  • Area 4 (the northwest fortifications and the “Punic tower”)
  • Area 5 (the north cemetery)
  • Area 6 (the port)