Area 3

In this area on the city’s acropolis, early work revealed the presence of the city walls and one of its portals, the North Gate. Excavation has shown both Iberian and Roman phases to the walls. A stone lion, probably one of a pair, was found placed at the gateway as a fearsome guardian. This lion and its (now missing) mate were probably taken in the Roman period from a monumental Iberian tomb just outside the walls.

Area 3 is also the location of Chapman Excavations at Cástulo’s current work. CEC is discovering the first evidence for Iberian architecture inside the city walls, in the form of houses dating from the eighth-seventh, fourth-third, and second centuries BCE. The focus of work is recovering evidence for domestic assemblages that will show how the population of Cástulo organized their daily lives. Comparison will be made to the assemblages of grave goods recovered from contemporary tombs by the Blázquez Martínez team to understand differences in the ancient conceptions of life and death.